A web based interface to the Bytom API JSON-RPC

Command: create-key

Notes: It is to create private key essentially, returns the information of key. The private key is encrypted in the file and not visible to the user
  • Parameter #1:alias-string,name of the key
  • Parameter #2:password-string,password of the key
  • Return-1:alias-string,name of the key
  • Return-2:xpub-string,root pubkey of the key
  • Return-3: String-file,path to the file of key

name of the key


password of the key

Command Result

// Request
curl -X POST create-key -d '{"alias": "alice", "password": "123456"}'
// Result
"alias": "alice", "xpub": "a7dae957c2d35b42efe7e6871cf5a75ebd2a0d0e51caffe767db42d3e6d69dbe211d1ca492ecf05908fe6fa625ad61b3253375ea744c9442dd5551613ba50aea", "file": "/Path/To/Library/Bytom/keystore/UTC--2018-04-22T06-30-27.609315219Z--0e34293c-8856-4f5f-b934-37456a3820fa" }

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